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Test Kitchen convenience is legendary. The hamburger is no longer considered a fast-food meal. Many finer restaurants offer their version of this classic favorite, which makes me very happy. A new restaurant, Test Kitchen, recently opened in the Pretoria, and the burger they serve is quite a memorable one.

Test Kitchen convenience

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Let’s start with what I believe to be the most important ingredient of a hamburger – the meat. Test Kitchen elevates the hamburger patty to the centerpiece of their Jacks Beef Burger. The 150g house ground beef makes a statement – succulent juices flowing from the center, charred crust accented with pungent flavor from brisket juices. While this is a very lean meat, there was nothing dry about this burger. Cooked to order at a medium rare temperature, bite after bite made this patty the star of the evening. Brie, classic aioli, blistered tomatoes and charred red onion adorned the burger, which was topped on a moist yet firm house-made pretzel bun. If I’m being honest, while all the flavors brought something unique, I did divorce the brie from the burger to experience each unique taste to their fullest. In doing so, my senses of smell and taste were handsomely rewarded.

Test Kitchen Convenience

As soon as I received my order from Test Kitchen, I was treated to the gift of sensory branding. Welcomed immediately by the smell of delicious beef burger aroma. I was made to feel like family. The aroma throughout the kitchen and dining area tickled my nose. Thank you to our delivery service Starvin Merlin, and the General Manager Edmund Doke, for impeccable service, considerate explanation of the items we ordered, and for taking the time to truly make my dining adventure a memorable one. Everyone’s order agreed that we will order again from Test Kitchen.

The Test Kitchen website shares the story behind the brand. “With the sole ambition to provide diners a neighborhood gem to enjoy meals with family and friends in an upscale yet unpretentious environment, Test Kitchen strives to be the destination to experience great food and life’s forever moments. Hence our name, Test Kitchen.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. From start to finish – burgers, pizza, American fried chicken and frozen meals, service and delivery service – Test Kitchen is a keeper.

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